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# 06-001 - DoubleSunrise tee shirt - 50/50 off white, pre-shrunk cotton, high quality-weight tees with our soothing and attractive DoubleSunrise logo. (S, M, L, XL)
Qty: # 06-001 - Price $ 8.00
( $ 7.00 per dozen price)
# 06-002 - DoubleSunrise tee shirt - (same as above) in forest green with DoubleSunrise logo
Qty: # 06-002 - Price $10.00
( $ 9.00 per dozen price)
DoubleSunrise Cap # 06-003 - DoubleSunrise cap - two color, low profile, off white and green cap (one size fits all) with DoubleSunrise logo.
Qty: # 06-003 - Price $12.50
# 06-004 - DoubleSunrise Nylon Pullover - forest green nylon, hooded, unlined pullover, folds into pouch, muff pocket, elastic sleeves and drawchord at the waist with DoubleSunrise logo (washable, water repellent) (M, L, XL, XXL)
Qty: # 06-004 - Price $12.50
#06-005 - DoubleSunrise Fleece Pullover Jacket - forest green, half zipper, elastic cuffs, front pockets with DoubleSunrise logo
(M, L, XL, XXL)
Qty: # 06-005 - Price $17.50
# 06-006 - DoubleSunrise Kit Bag - an 8" X 8" canvas drawstring bag (identical to our "Keeping Connected" Kit bag) with DoubleSunrise logo
Qty: # 06-006 - Price $4.50
# 06-007 - DoubleSunrise Tote Bag - a 15" X 16" 7 oz. cotton canvas bag with hand/shoulder straps and DoubleSunrise logo.
Qty: # 06-007 - Price $10.50
# 06-008 - DoubleSunrise Mouse Pad - a standard size mouse pad with DoubleSunrise logo to remind you to "Keep Connected" and a space to insert your favorite('s) photo
Qty: # 06-008 - Price $9.50
# 06-009 - DoubleSunrise Combination Key chain Flashlight - convenient light at your fingertips when needed, with the DoubleSunrise logo that reminds you to "Keep Connected"
Qty: # 06-009 - Price $5.50
# 06-010 - DoubleSunrise Lip Balm Dispenser - it'll always be there when you need to protect yourself and, of couse, the DoubleSunrise logo to remind you to "Keep Connected"
Qty: # 06-010 - Price $3.00
( $2.50 per dozen price)
Keeping connected in order to grow

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